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School Readiness Program

School Readiness Program
Our Preschool/transition program focuses on supporting children in becoming valuable community members and cooperative learners ready to take the next step in the educational life.
How do we do this you may ask? ?Below are a few examples of our transitional program in action on a daily basis.
Language and Literacy
By encouraging the children to write and draw daily. Starting with familiar words such as their name and the names of their friends.
Through story telling we help the children to understand and identify that print has meaning and to differentiate between text and images.

We will surround your child in numbers through play in order for them to develop an awareness that numbers are used for counting and many other things such as measurement, mass and addition.
We will expand upon their mathematical terminology and to recognise how to use them appropriately i.e.:  bigger, smaller, above, below, identify shapes.
We will enhance your child's physical development through activities that will involve drawing, manipulating a variety of materials such as small objects, threading clay and play dough.
Gross motor development activities will strengthen their upper and lower body strength, run, jump and balance.

Cognitive and Thinking
We will give children the opportunity to explore how and why things work.
Working with others and individually to solve problems.
Allowing them the opportunity to select a task and encouraging them to follow it through to the end.
We encourage children to take safe risks through trial and error as they attempt to solve problems.
Show curiosity and interest in learning new things.
Have the confidence to learn.

Social and Emotional
We will support children to develop self regulation skills through turn taking and not always having the first go.
Learning how to negotiate rules and ideas and to respect others opinions.
Develop the skills to resolve conflict within the group or with a peer.
To identify own belongings and to be responsible for their safe keeping whilst expressing their needs and wants.
follow and understand directions and rules.

Self help skills
We will encourage children to develop and reinforce self help skills including using the toilet unassisted, dressing and undressing themselves, independently.

The skills listed above are important in supporting a preschooler through to school. There is always a misconception that children should be “taught” in preschool. Yes we do teach the children through their interests and needs but not because they require academic success to begin school. It is our duty to assist a preschool child in transitioning to school through a variety of experiences and making each a confident learner, they have the rest of their lives to be taught.
It is important to emphasise that the school readiness program enables the children to use their current skills and interests as a basis for learning rather than requiring children to complete academic tasks. Children will not be “forced” into completing academic tasks such as letter worksheets, number worksheets etc. However, if a child is interested in these tasks then by all means it can be added onto the program for children to participate in if they choose. Our goal is to make each individual child into a confident learner and to set the foundation for lifelong learning.