3 - 5 Years







Kinder Program

The Program at DDKC is designed to reflect the needs of individual and groups of children based on educator observations, parent input and intentional teaching.

Educators plan programs of varied learning experiences that are designed to promote children's development. These learning experiences will be planned according to the EYLF* for individual children. These activities include language and literature, music and movement, art and craft, dramatic play, science and math's experiences and sensory motor activities to promote physical coordination.

Centre staff complete individual planning records and child profiles for each child. This information forms the basis of individual plans, thus meeting the needs of each child. This program is regularly evaluated and parent input is actively encouraged and sought. All educators are involved in program planning.  
Our daily reflection is updated each afternoon and shows what the children have been doing throughout the day, through words and photos.  Please take the time to have a look and ask your child questions, it is a great way to start a conversation and encourage them to reflect on their day.


  • Recognize their name & surname
  • Reading and writing their names
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Recognise 8 shape
  • Recognise numbers up to 20
  • Sequence a story
  • Recognise basic and secondary colours
  • Learn and perform new songs & rhyms
  • Read stories & learn new words
  • Listen and dance to music
  • Participating physical exercise
  • Learn about their five senses 


School transition is integrated into the kindergarten program throughout the year to ensure your child has the social, emotional and physical skills to enable them to be prepared to begin their primary school education.  Throughout the year we encourage families to discuss their child’s development or any concerns they may have with the Kindergarten teacher at any time.


By participating in the Kindergarten program at DDKC your family has the flexibility of long day care hours and access to CCB and CCR (for eligible families).